Amen Iseghohi is the President and CEO of Amenzone Fitness Franchise entity. Mr Iseghohi also founded the Amenzone Foundation a 501C3 created to help fight childhood obesity and encourage better self-esteem.

As an 8yr old boy visiting his Grandmother in Benin, West Africa, Amen was introduced to the simplicity of movement. He was inspired to accomplish more with less.

From this primal experience he created the Amenzone movement, a back-to-basics approach to fitness using a motivational and inspirational training style as a vehicle for self-empowerment. With this Rebel DVD, getting in the best shape will be the least you accomplish. It will be the most powerful physical and mental experience you have ever had.

Get your very own Official Amenzone Rebel branded tire shipped directly to your home or business for just $39.95 + free shipping and handling.

An influential relationship with tires was established in Amen Iseghohi's, President and CEO of Amenzone Fitness, early days while visiting his Grandmother in West Africa at just 8 years old. Finding himself in a place with an abundance of land and limited resources, Amen quickly accustomed himself to "Do more, with less." Having nothing more than tires found on farms that surrounded the family compound, Amen used his creativity to develop games centered around a tire. In the midst of playing with tires, Amen's Grandmother shared with him a profound lesson that he carries with him to this day, "A tire is a great symbol of life and to stay alive, we have to keep moving. Movement is required for progress in life, so let's move. Combining the words of his Grandmother with the tire games developed as a child, Amen created the Amenzone Fitness workout using recycled tires to lead a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally.

High Level Intensity: Core, Cardio and Stength

A high-intensity, advanced workout that challenges the body while developing a new found sense of mental consistency and stability through core, cardio, and strength training. Staying true to the Amenzone philosophy, one must step outside of their comfort zone to achieve maximum results and with the Rebel Xtreme DVD one is sure to see their limits and push right through them.

It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish. Training For Life!

Explosive Workout: Core, Cardio and Strength

A basic level workout that utilizes one's own natural body weight, with the option of incorporating an Amenzone Rebel branded tire, to enhance both your mental and physical strength and endurance.

Movement is life. Mind and Body are one. Training For Life!

Amenzone Rebel DVD Series includes two levels that explore different approaches to achieve permanent life changing results.

The secret to getting ahead, is getting started. Training for Life!